We are

Andino Bilingual School

Educational institution with a Very Superior Level, located in the city of Cúcuta focused on Bilingualism, research and training in values. We promote academic excellence in our students and in the use of the second language to exalt themselves in their life project.

Institutional Horizon

Education with excellence


Our mission

We are an educational institution, which directs the training of students, with learning processes in a healthy and harmonious environment, achieving happy, responsible, successful children and adolescents with globalized thinking, through the development of bilingualism, research and values; maintaining its leadership, recognition and positioning as one of the best schools in Norte de Santander.

Our vision

To be in the year 2024, the bilingual educational institution, regional leader in innovation and academic excellence, committed to strengthening the emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and social and environmental responsibility of its students. Promoting technological quality and self-sustaining infrastructure within a pleasant country environment.


Institutional values


We are one team


Preparation, Reflection and Development

We seek that our students be upright human beings with leadership capacity, with bilingual learning that allows them to globalize and with a critical thinking identity that allows them to make appropriate decisions in life.