INDAZA SA In accordance with Colombian regulations, it has provided for the treatment of the user’s personal data the different means where its use is necessary (Includes email, website and any of the tools where its use is necessary) the following policies. For the above, timely notice is given to the user of:

Notice of Privacy: The owner of the information expressly, voluntarily and informed that the data entered through the platform in the Andino Bilingual School databases be collected and stored for the uses listed below: (i) Collect or collect personal data and incorporate and store them in our database, (ii) Sort, catalog, classify, divide or separate the information provided, (iii) Use the data provided in communication, disclosure and promotion campaigns or offer of products, activities or services developed as part of the company’s internal strategies, (iv) Use them for internal administrative or commercial purposes such as: credit studies, preparation and presentation of quotes, commercial experience references, market research, statistical analysis, conducting satisfaction surveys, offering or recognition of benefits of our program. loyalty and after-sales service, (v) Keep historical records of the company and maintain contact with the data holders, (vi) Verify, verify or validate the data provided, (vii) Study and analyze the information provided for the follow-up and improvement of products, service and attention, (vii) Deliver the information collected to third parties with whom the company contracts the storage and administration of personal data, under the security and confidentiality standards to which INDAZA SA is bound according to what is contained in the relevant laws, (viii) Transfer personal data to any country or server in another country, (ix) Communicate and allow access to personal data supplied to third party providers of general support services and to natural or legal persons shareholders of INDAZA SA, (x) Collect, have, handle and use the information received by the owner of the information to make the link as a contractor or supplier, (xi) Collect, have, manage and use the information to control and prevent fraud, control and prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism, (xii) Celebration, execution and management of business proposals and contracts for the services provided, (xiii) Carry out, in accordance with the law, reports to credit bureaus for breach of financial obligations derived from the commercial relationship.

Rights that assist the Holder: (i) Know, update and rectify your personal data collected by INDAZA SA This right can be exercised among others against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned or misleading data, (ii) Request proof of the authorization granted to INDAZA SA (iii) Be informed by INDAZA SA, upon request, regarding the use given to the owner’s data, (iv) Present before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce complaints for infractions of the provisions of the law (v) Revoke the authorization and / or deletion of the data at any time, taking into account the legal limits for it, (vi) Free access to the owner’s data contained in the INDAZA SA database

How to know the information of the Holder and how to exercise the rights: INDAZA SA presents, at the option of the Holder, the following ways to exercise their rights to “Habeas Data”

  1. to) Electronic attention: The owner of the data must make his formal request to the email address:, after exhaustion of the legitimation requirements for the exercise of the owner, namely:

(i) Be the owner of the information, sufficiently prove identity by any means that INDAZA SA uses for it.

(ii) By the successors, who must prove such quality.

(iii) By the representative / attorney-in-fact of the owner of the information, who must also prove such quality.

(iv) By stipulation in favor of another or by another, they will be exercised by all the persons who are empowered to represent them, and such quality must also be accredited.

The rights of minors will be exercised by the persons in charge of their representation, and such quality must also be accredited.