Decorations and medals

For more than 37 years present in the Nortesantandereana region and for demonstrating academic excellence, we have been honored by Government Entities with the following recognitions, decorations and medals.

Simón Bolívar Medal

Category Silver Cross

In 2016, we received the prestigious Simón Bolívar Medal from the Ministry of National Education, for the eminent years of service to education in the region.


Jose Eusebio Caro

The Government of Norte de Santander awarded the Jose Eusebio Caro Medal in 2015, in recognition of the school for qualifying itself as one of the best educational institutions in the Department in the Saber 11 Tests of that same year.

Saber 11 tests

For 12 years, we have maintained the highest qualification of the State Tests Level A + (Very Superior), which allows us to ratify the commitment we have to provide quality education in the region and achieve goals of excellence to train leading students in the world.


Recognized for excellence

Committed to a quality education and under the premise of forming better human beings, we implemented the Institutional Educational Project “The Pathway to Excellence”.

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